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Encounter – a poem

Night wind stomps hoofbeats through the briar, Three flames summon faltering shadows On the faceless face of one who sits: A name uncertain, a presence felt. More real than real, more dream than seen – A dream of trees, of … Continue reading

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Demon est Deus inversus

A star in the morning; night and day entwined In liminal afterglow, their passions spent. Lightbringer, your burden is eternal – to pour out Yourself on earth, ecstatic, theopoiesis in reverse. Light of Days, who burns with knowledge of life … Continue reading

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A poem for water

Everchange. In waves and particles and drops of foam, Endless erring, evernew and everflowing; Overflowing, rising, deepening, quickening. Life’s cradle and unshovelled ever-ready grave. A billion teardrops, raindrops, dewdrops, a million million consciousnesses Singular, conjoined; each part of your great … Continue reading

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The last trump: a poem in anger

Red rains fall from baleful eyes Scorching the shaken earth with acrid bile And venom. All things die, then rise, then die again A thousand times a thousand times and more. Who killed the world? Who raped and murdered sovereign … Continue reading

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A poem for the season

Grey dawn filters through the falling leaves, Pale and soft as life’s last breath. The whisper Of the wind carries not your voice, but your Absence: cold, a shivering chill of recognition. The moon’s time-wrinkled face outlasts its welcome; In … Continue reading

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