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Druid Camp and Druid College

I’m back from my second time at Druid Camp, and it was brilliant again! This year’s camp had a very different feel for me than the last one. Part of that was the weather (last year was glorious sunshine, this … Continue reading

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In this farewell…

In Druidry we sometimes talk about “ancestors of spirit”, those who we have no direct connection to, may never even have met, but who have inspired us and our lives. Growing up as a metal fan, and a weird kid, … Continue reading

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Deity in spiky boots: finding the Sacred at a rock festival

“Let me enlighten you, this is the way I pray” -Disturbed, “Prayer”. So there I was, standing in a mud-soaked field in a torrential rainstorm, surrounded by people dressed in black, chanting. Upon a raised dais, three figures lift their … Continue reading

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One of the major folktales, or legends, in the Bardic tradition is that of Taliesin, from the Welsh Mabinogion. The tale tells of the goddess Ceridwen, who brewed a potion (the Awen) to help her son, who was the ugliest … Continue reading

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Burn the witch

Now, I’m not normally a Radiohead fan: I tend to like my music more metallic, thanks, but I couldn’t resist sharing the video for their latest single, Burn the Witch. Who wouldn’t love a Camberwick Green style claymation recreation of … Continue reading

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“We are one, we are a universe. Forebears of what will be, scions of the Devonian sea” -Nightwish. One of the highlights of my winter break was getting to see my all-time favourite band, Nightwish, play the Wembley Arena in … Continue reading

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