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Is Druidry dying?

Over at Gods and Radicals, Druid Jonathan Woolley has written a rather excellent essay on the decline of young people in Paganism and specifically Druidry. Go and read the whole thing, it’s long but worth it. Link below: British Paganism … Continue reading

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Book Review: When a Pagan Prays

Brown, Nimue. When a Pagan Prays: Exploring Prayer in Druidry and Beyond. Moon Books, 2014. Nimue Brown, a Druid author who blogs at Druid Life, wrote Spirituality Without Structure (my review of which is HERE) in the space between writing … Continue reading

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Interview with a Druid

Dr Karl Seigfried over at The Norse Mythology Blog has done an interview with former Archdruid of ADF, Kirk Thomas. It’s a fascinating piece (part one of two), and gives a great look into Druidry from an ADF perspective, as … Continue reading

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Druidry in simplicity

At times, working through courses of study from various Druid groups and orders, or reading certain books, Druidry can seem like a very complicated thing; full of long, wordy rituals that require you to face certain directions and recite certain … Continue reading

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Book review: Nature Mystics

Beattie, Rebecca. Pagan Portals: Nature Mystics: the literary gateway to modern Paganism. Moon Books, 2014. This book, another title in the short Pagan Portals series from Moon Books, introduces the reader to a variety of modern (generally 19th and 20th … Continue reading

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Demon est Deus inversus

A star in the morning; night and day entwined In liminal afterglow, their passions spent. Lightbringer, your burden is eternal – to pour out Yourself on earth, ecstatic, theopoiesis in reverse. Light of Days, who burns with knowledge of life … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox

I’m so tempted to write a rant about the disastrous politics happening today, but no. I won’t. Rather, let me wish you all a very happy Spring Equinox, however you celebrate it. I spent the weekend in the garden, planting … Continue reading

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