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Autumn is here

According to the Met Office, Autumn officially started ten days ago, on 1 September. Astronomically, Autumn begins in 11 days time, at the Autumnal Equinox on 21 September. Some Druids place Autumn’s beginning at the Equinox (Alban Elfed), while others … Continue reading

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Pagan Hygge

I first encountered the word “hygge” a few years ago and it always brings to mind the coziness of the homes I saw in Sweden and Norway, each with their little lamps in the window, glowing softly amidst the dark … Continue reading

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Running as connection

I went for a run today. Not exactly earth-shatteringly important news to share on here, but it was significant for me. I’ve been getting out of shape lately, working a pretty sedentary job and having various mental health crises that … Continue reading

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What mud and whose blood?

Update: The British Druid Order have issued a Statement on Racism that makes clear that “the BDO wants to add its voice in condemning all manifestations of racism and to clearly state that as an organisation it does not and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Old Gods, New Druids

Old Gods, New Druids. Robin Herne. O Books (Moon Books), 2009. There were three reasons for me reading this book (because Druids do it in threes!): One, it looked interesting and I wanted to broaden my understanding of Druidry both … Continue reading

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Druid Camp and Druid College

I’m back from my second time at Druid Camp, and it was brilliant again! This year’s camp had a very different feel for me than the last one. Part of that was the weather (last year was glorious sunshine, this … Continue reading

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In this farewell…

In Druidry we sometimes talk about “ancestors of spirit”, those who we have no direct connection to, may never even have met, but who have inspired us and our lives. Growing up as a metal fan, and a weird kid, … Continue reading

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