About Me

meinwandleburyHi, and welcome to Endless Erring! I’m a first year Druid apprentice training with Druid College UK, and this is my space to think and write about my attempts to walk a Druid path.

Druidry, for me, is not about wearing fancy robes, or trying to re-create the beliefs and cultures of bronze-age tribes. It is not a role-playing game or an archaic superstition. Druidry is a modern, growing, living spirituality. It’s about finding a deep connection to the land beneath us, the waters around us and the sky above us, in order to be more fully engaged in this life, here and now.

I have an MA in religious studies specializing in the psychology of religious belief, and am also active in the growing Death Positive movement. I contributed an essay to the anthology Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans edited by John Halstead (Lulu, 2016), and have also been featured on the Humanistic Paganism blog.

I can generally be found walking the woods, fens and marshes of East Anglia, where I live with my partner who blogs at The Green Hedge Druid.

You can follow me on Twitter @wrycrow and on Instagram at Wrycrow.

All images used on this blog are either by me, or courtesy of Pixabay (CC-0) unless otherwise credited.


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