In this farewell…

In Druidry we sometimes talk about “ancestors of spirit”, those who we have no direct connection to, may never even have met, but who have inspired us and our lives.

Growing up as a metal fan, and a weird kid, Linkin Park were one of those bands that seemed like they just *got* me. And, as I grew older, their music developed and matured as well. I’ve never been a super-fan but they have always been there as a constant presence.

I have no words on the death of Chester Bennington. Death is a tragedy, and suicide even more so. As someone who struggles with depression, I can empathise.

So, here’s a reminder, if you are struggling at any point, reach out to someone. A friend or loved one, or call a helpline:

UK – Samaritans 116 123

USA – NSPL 1800 2738255

Tonight I’m raising a glass to a true ancestor of spirit. Thanks for the music.


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