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Druid Camp and Druid College

I’m back from my second time at Druid Camp, and it was brilliant again! This year’s camp had a very different feel for me than the last one. Part of that was the weather (last year was glorious sunshine, this … Continue reading

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In this farewell…

In Druidry we sometimes talk about “ancestors of spirit”, those who we have no direct connection to, may never even have met, but who have inspired us and our lives. Growing up as a metal fan, and a weird kid, … Continue reading

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Dabbling and getting real

I’ll admit it, I’m a dabbler. Like so many people who come from one very rigid, organised and structured religion (in my case Catholicism) and somehow find their way to the free-flowing streams of Paganism, I’ve been tentatively hovering around … Continue reading

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Encounter – a poem

Night wind stomps hoofbeats through the briar, Three flames summon faltering shadows On the faceless face of one who sits: A name uncertain, a presence felt. More real than real, more dream than seen – A dream of trees, of … Continue reading

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