Truth to power


The classical authors tell us that one of the roles of the ancient Druids was to act as advisors to kings and chieftains, steering their decisions and offering words of wisdom in times of political trouble.

Those of us who take on the name of Druid in any sense today should feel empowered and inspired to live up to this ancient role. Of course, we don’t have the ear of those in power, but we still have a right and a responsibility in a democratic society to speak our mind, and have our voices heard.

If you’re angry, upset, or shaken by the recent UK election result, and the pending “deal” between the Conservatives and the DUP, a party of homophobic sectarian Christian fundamentalists supported by terrorist groups (and if you’re not angry, as they say, you’re not paying attention), you can step into the role of the ancient Druids and speak truth to power.

Protest. Resist. And write to your MP. You can find their address online via They Work for You.

By writing your words down and sending them to your representative, you can offer advice, voice your concerns and most importantly of all, show them that the people are watching them.

And never feel that you can’t make a difference. The greatest trick of illiberal anti-democratic governments is to make you feel powerless. You are not. People making their voices heard is the only thing that ever creates change. We have the power.

So, when the political establishment is collapsing, and far-right groups are on the ascendancy, ask yourself what would the Druids do?


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