Spring Equinox


I’m so tempted to write a rant about the disastrous politics happening today, but no. I won’t.

Rather, let me wish you all a very happy Spring Equinox, however you celebrate it. I spent the weekend in the garden, planting new bulbs and flowers as well as all sorts of fruit and veg (strawberries, carrots, beetroots, radishes, spinach) and herbs.

No formal ritual for me this year, but a day digging in the earth and planting seeds was a pretty appropriate way to connect with the energies of the season, and get my practical Druidry on!

While today is pouring with rain where I am, the weekend was lovely and springlike. A reminder that whatever happens in the human world, nature persists and spring returns again.

Blessings of the season to you!


About Wrycrow

Queer nerdy Pagan librarian, training with Druid College UK.
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