Pagan protest and feminism

Everyone should read this. It’s important.

The Green Hedge Druid

Public domain image of "The Witch, No. 1"

I have been reflecting on recent discussions that have taken place on various pagan spaces, especially on Facebook, regarding the recent (and ongoing) pagan protests against Trump. I regret to report that most of the discussions I have read have been incredibly negative, especially with regards the various iterations of people conducting public rituals based primarily around witchcraft.

While I found the reports of people getting out and protesting in new and creative ways to be hugely inspiring, not everyone agrees. And that’s ok but some of the things people were saying as reasons for disagreeing troubled me and I am going to try and address some of them here. As a caveat, healthy discussion is good, hurling abuse is not. So please do not do that in the comments or at anyone within the community (or outside) who agrees or disagrees with this subject matter.

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