Among the reeds


So, taking my own advice, I spent the day yesterday out in nature, away from news and phones and the political world. Together with my wonderful wife, I went to a nature reserve nearby and spent the day wildlife-watching.

Getting out in the open air, out in a natural setting with the birds and creatures for company, reminded me what my Druidry is all about, and how important it is to put down the computers and books, to stop reading about Druidry and to experience real, wild nature in all its wonders, even on a freezing cold January day!

The sound of the wind rushing through the reeds was unlike anything I have heard before, and it really brought home to me the sense of air as the breath and song of the world.

I managed to spot a muntjac and several fallow deer, plenty of mallards, moorhens and coots, flocks of finches and tits, an unidentified raptor (possibly a hobby, but too far away to identify properly even with binoculars) and I heard the unmistakable sound of a barn owl.

When human concerns get too much, it is good to get out into nature and remember that we are but one part of an interconnected community of beings.



About Wrycrow

Queer nerdy Pagan librarian, training with Druid College UK.
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