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Green Woodpecker

Sitting at my table at home, I am frequently delighted to hear a sudden, sharp laughter coming from the garden. Looking out, I see a visitor, clad in green with a red hat looking back at me. A gnome? A … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Gorse bush

Ever since I got given the Gorse Ogham few at Druid Camp in August, this spiky little shrub has been teaching me lessons. Gorse (Ulex europeana) is not exactly the stately, ancient, tall tree of the forest one might first … Continue reading

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A visit to Avalon

Last weekend, I went on something of a Druid pilgrimage, to Glastonbury. According to 12th-century historian Gerald of Wales, “What is now known as Glastonbury was, in ancient times, called the Isle of Avalon. It is virtually an island, for … Continue reading

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