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A poem for water

Everchange. In waves and particles and drops of foam, Endless erring, evernew and everflowing; Overflowing, rising, deepening, quickening. Life’s cradle and unshovelled ever-ready grave. A billion teardrops, raindrops, dewdrops, a million million consciousnesses Singular, conjoined; each part of your great … Continue reading

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To carry on

Over at the Atheopaganism blog, Mark Green wrote a heartfelt post asking why, in dark times, we should bother with spiritual practices? For more conventionally theistic Pagans, the answer may be obvious: to beseech the gods to change situations to … Continue reading

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I take off my shoes and socks and walk along the sand and pebble beach, feeling the waves gently washing over my toes. I kneel at the riverbank, dipping my hand into the cool flow. I stand in the rain, … Continue reading

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Political Druids?

There’s been some discussion on various Druid groups online since *the election* about how much Druids, or Druidry, should be involved in politics, with some suggesting a position of neutral detachment is the only appropriate one to take. There’s also … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here?

I’ve spent the past few days feeling despair, sickness, anger and stomach-clenching, tear-streaming ragefear. America, a country that is not my own but one with which I have close links, having friends there and having lived there for a year, … Continue reading

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The last trump: a poem in anger

Red rains fall from baleful eyes Scorching the shaken earth with acrid bile And venom. All things die, then rise, then die again A thousand times a thousand times and more. Who killed the world? Who raped and murdered sovereign … Continue reading

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A prayer for the day

In a time of great hate, to love is a revolutionary act.

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