Home shrine update: simplify


My home shrine is the central focus point for my regular Druid practice. Here is where I meditate, work through my Gwersi, do small rituals and the like. It has evolved and changed over time as my Druidry has too.

Lately, I noticed the shrine was getting quite cluttered. The central tree wasn’t doing too well as a houseplant and needed moving outdoors. And I’d gathered all manner of stones, conkers, pine cones and stuff from my nature walks to put on there, which I like to do as a way of bringing the outdoors in, but after a while they had begun to look worse for wear and were gathering dust, so it was time for an update.

The state of the shrine was in its own way symptomatic of my practice lately. October has been a ridiculously busy month, and I haven’t had (or haven’t made) the time to keep to anything like a regular schedule.

My hope is that by clearing away a lot of the detritus, I can symbolically clear my mind too, and recommit to more regular practice. For inspiration, I turned to zen shrines as I wanted something of their simplicity.

Simplicity is sort of a key concept in my Druidry at the moment, and I wanted the shrine to reflect that. Some people like their shrines filled to bursting with statues, pentacles, crystals, candles, ogham staves and such, but I prefer sparse, almost stark, open space.

So, I have my lovely Tibetan singing bowl which was a gift from my wife, some tealight candles, a small stone shaped like a heart which was found on a beach in Norfolk (you can’t really see the heart shape in the pic, but it is pretty, and cool that it was naturally formed that way by wind and tide), a twig from the local woods and a blue ceramic water bowl that contains a seashell to connect it symbolically with the ocean. In keeping with zen tradition, I need to get better at changing the water every day instead of leaving it there to get all gross and weird.

In the centre is the Earth Dragon card from Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm’s Druid Animal Oracle, which I have in physical card-deck form and also as an app on my phone for daily readings. The Earth Dragon is there because I am currently working on connecting more with Earth as part of a “journey through the elements”. I’ll shift it out for the other elemental dragons as I go along.

I miss having a tree or a plant of some kind on the shrine, so I may look for a suitably hardy houseplant to replace it.

Simple. Clear. Thoughtful. A representation of how I want my Druidry to be in the world.

About Wrycrow

Queer nerdy Pagan librarian, training with Druid College UK.
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One Response to Home shrine update: simplify

  1. Tadhg says:

    Looking good. Thanks for sharing that. I value a special place as a focal point at home. Very important. Thanks.

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