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It’s almost Samhain, or as it’s better known today, Hallowe’en! This has to be my favourite holiday, in both its Pagan and secular forms, of the year. There’s something magical about a night when even the most staid, “normal” people … Continue reading

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A poem for the season

Grey dawn filters through the falling leaves, Pale and soft as life’s last breath. The whisper Of the wind carries not your voice, but your Absence: cold, a shivering chill of recognition. The moon’s time-wrinkled face outlasts its welcome; In … Continue reading

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Book review: Out of the Woods

Cohu, Will. Out of the Woods: the Armchair Guide to Trees. Short Books, 2007. Out of the Woods is an unusual book. On the face of it, it’s a guide to trees, giving you the information you need to identify … Continue reading

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Home shrine update: simplify

My home shrine is the central focus point for my regular Druid practice. Here is where I meditate, work through my Gwersi, do small rituals and the like. It has evolved and changed over time as my Druidry has too. … Continue reading

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Myth and Meaning

A version of this essay was originally published in “Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans” edited by John Halstead and published by Lulu, 2015. In light of some recent discussions about Paganism, faith and non-theism, it seemed appropriate to repost … Continue reading

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Becoming a Bard

Originally posted on Druid Life:
How do you go from being a person who does not perform, to being a fabulous bard with a song or poem up their sleeve for every occasion and who can give a dazzling performance…

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The word Nwyfre, which I mention in my previous post, comes from an old Welsh term meaning “sky” or “heaven”. In Druidry, however, it takes on a deeper meaning, and one which deserves a bit of thought. Nwyfre can be … Continue reading

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