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A Druid’s garden

…or at least one that’s getting there anyway. If, as I suggested in my last post, cookery is my Bardic art, then gardening surely must be in the green realms of the Ovate? A recent trip to the garden centre … Continue reading

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Practical druidry

Originally posted on The Green Hedge Druid:
I’ve always been a big fan of using your hands and doing stuff when it comes to spirituality, whatever yours may be. The title of this blogpost is inspired by one of my…

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Cooking and creativity

So as you may know, I’m currently (re)working my way through the Bardic Grade with OBOD, which is the first stage of OBOD’s three-grade Druidry training programme. As the name suggests, the Bardic course focuses on cultivating creative and artistic … Continue reading

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Making mead (and bread)

One of my favourite parts of Druid Camp was a brilliant mead workshop, complete with tasting and making sessions. I wasn’t able to do the making due to numbers, but I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting (of course) and learned a … Continue reading

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At Druid Camp, everyone at the opening ritual was given a gift of an Ogham few, cut from the wood of one of the Ogham trees and inscribed with its corresponding symbol. My wife received oak, and I was instantly … Continue reading

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Delicious Druidry

One of the things I took away from Druid Camp, mostly thanks to the prompting of my brilliant wife (who has recently rebooted her Druid blog The Green Hedge Druid…go check it out!) is the idea of making Druidry more … Continue reading

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Druid Camp…it was In-Tents!

Sorry about the bad pun, but I couldn’t resist! For the past five days, I have been in a field in the middle of nowhere (actually a lovely spot overlooking the River Severn) with about 300 Druids for Druid Camp … Continue reading

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