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Flying Witch

If you want a peaceful, relaxing escape from the political chaos at the moment (and remember, self-care is important, especially at times like this), you could do a lot worse than checking out the new anime series Flying Witch. I … Continue reading

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The situation

Disclaimer: The following post is my personal opinion, and does not represent the wider community of Druids, Pagans etc. I know I’ve been quiet lately, but I really didn’t want to write for a bit after the national disaster that … Continue reading

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Peace of the Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs on or around 21 June, and marks the point where the sun appears highest in the sky. This is due to the axial tilt of the earth as it orbits the sun throughout the year. On … Continue reading

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Deity in spiky boots: finding the Sacred at a rock festival

“Let me enlighten you, this is the way I pray” -Disturbed, “Prayer”. So there I was, standing in a mud-soaked field in a torrential rainstorm, surrounded by people dressed in black, chanting. Upon a raised dais, three figures lift their … Continue reading

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Nameless gods

I’ve been thinking, since reading “The Forgotten Gods of Nature” by Lupa, and “Lost Gods of the Witches: a User’s Guide to Post-Ragnarok Paganism” by Steven Posch (originally published in Pentacle magazine: link unavailable), about naming the Sacred. In ADF … Continue reading

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Book review: Godless Paganism

Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans. Halstead, John (ed.). Lulu, 2015 I have been meaning to review this book for a while now. It’s taken me longer than I expected to read, not only because it clocks in at over … Continue reading

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