Return to practice

Sapling: public domain image.

Sapling: public domain image.

Over at Patheos, John Beckett has some excellent advice that couldn’t come at a better time. John’s post is directed to his fellow Polytheists, but the advice within is applicable to all of us.

Long story short, I have recently quit a job that was making me stressed, tired and miserable.

I don’t have another job safely lined up to go to, so I’m probably looking at a few weeks to months of living off savings, temp work and whatever I can do to get by. It’s a tough choice, but the right one.

At times like this, it’s easy to neglect the basics: health (mental and physical), friends, hobbies and especially spirituality. I don’t know why, but for me that’s always the first to go in stressful times (which is ironically when I need it the most). So John’s post resonates with me, in its calls to look after body and soul.

John writes:

“Maintain your daily practice, even if all you can do is go outside, look up at the sky, and speak the names of your Gods. Even if those skies are cloudy or filled with storms. Even if the only offering you can afford is tap water. Honor your ancestors – they got through situations every bit as difficult as these. Stay connected to the land where you are – it’s your foundation both figuratively and literally.”

Even just the simple act of showing up at the home shrine, maybe meditating for 5 minutes, maybe doing a short ritual, or even just sitting there, is a way of keeping going, building a bridge between now and then. Between who you are, and who you want to be.

So my plan is to simply and gently return to practice. To take time in the mornings and again in the evenings to do my OBOD meditation exercises, or do some yoga, or simply be.

Breathe. Image: Gemma Stiles on Flickr (CC2.0)

Breathe. Image: Gemma Stiles on Flickr (CC2.0)


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