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What do you do?

“What do you do?” is the most ubiquitous of small-talk questions, and the expected answer is always that of a job: “I’m in sales” or “I’m a teacher” or so on. A person’s work is so often seen as their … Continue reading

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A middle way

There was some discussion generated by my last post, Choosing not to choose, after John Halstead kindly shared it on Facebook. John Beckett, one of my favourite Druid bloggers, posted the following comment: This is not choosing not to choose. … Continue reading

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Choosing not to choose

I’m currently reading my way through Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-theistic Pagans. It’s taking me longer than I expected to read, but not because it’s dull, far from it! The reason it’s a slow read for me is that every … Continue reading

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Return to practice

Over at Patheos, John Beckett has some excellent advice that couldn’t come at a better time. John’s post is directed to his fellow Polytheists, but the advice within is applicable to all of us. Long story short, I have recently … Continue reading

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One of the major folktales, or legends, in the Bardic tradition is that of Taliesin, from the Welsh Mabinogion. The tale tells of the goddess Ceridwen, who brewed a potion (the Awen) to help her son, who was the ugliest … Continue reading

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This weekend, I did the initiation ceremony for the Bardic Grade of OBOD, which is the formal announcement of my intention to work through the course and also a sign that I am part of the wider community of the … Continue reading

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Burn the witch

Now, I’m not normally a Radiohead fan: I tend to like my music more metallic, thanks, but I couldn’t resist sharing the video for their latest single, Burn the Witch. Who wouldn’t love a Camberwick Green style claymation recreation of … Continue reading

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