Badgers, buzzards and ducks, oh my!

Some lovely nature observations from a walk in the woods: a reminder that you don’t need to go far from home to encounter wild nature and amazing species.

A nature a scientist

So today was a really good day for spotting interesting and fun species. We went for a walk around some local woods that are surrounded by open fields and have a small manmade pond nearby.

First up is the European badger (Meles meles). Now while I didn’t see an actual badger (it was the middle of the day and they’re nocturnal (they only come out a night)), I did see several entrances to a sett. Initially I wasn’t sure if it was a fox or a badger burrow as the size seemed quite small to me.

20160417_113009 Potential sett entrance

But upon closer inspection, we could see lots of characteristic ‘snuffle’ holes which are created by the badger’s entertaining way of looking for food by essentially digging up earth with their very sharp claws and noses.

20160417_113019 One of many snuffle holes with traces of pad prints

We had a…

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