Pagan Environmental Statement Passes 7,000 Signatures!

Have you signed the Pagan Community Statement on the Environment yet? 7,000 people have!

Humanistic Paganism

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Just one year ago today, our wider Pagan community got its first glimpse at the Pagan Community Statement on the Environment, crafted by a large group of diverse Pagans, including Pagan leaders, authors, artists, and bloggers from around the world .  It was officially released on Earth Day (April 22), 2015, and the signatures started pouring in – first 100, then 1,000 – then more, with Pagans from many traditions and places on our Earth!  It has now passed 7,000 signatures, extending its reach and impact.  Where will it be on its one year anniversary, just a few short weeks away?  Will we reach 10,000 Pagans, united for our Earth and our future?  You cansign it here.   

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