Image from Wikipedia (CC 2.0)

Image from Wikipedia (CC 2.0)

“We are one, we are a universe. Forebears of what will be, scions of the Devonian sea” -Nightwish.

One of the highlights of my winter break was getting to see my all-time favourite band, Nightwish, play the Wembley Arena in London. I first saw them 10 years ago at Manchester University, so what a phenomenal rise to go from what was essentially a student union to the legendary Wembley!

Their latest album is called Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and draws inspiration from Darwin, evolution, and the wonder of science. The final track is a whopping 24-minute long epic journey through the 4 billion year history of life on earth (with narration by the brilliant Richard Dawkins), and listening to it evokes a sense of awe, wonder and beauty that is as close as I get to a “religious” experience. Hearing the album while on a train through Norway’s fjords and forests was particularly moving.

Lyrically, the themes seem to me to be almost pantheistic (in a naturalist way) and speak to the sacredness of nature and the sheer joy of being alive. For me as a Druidic Pagan type, Nightwish seem to get to the heart of what life is all about: being part of this great interconnected “tapestry of chemistry” that is the universe.

So, if you have some time to spare, turn these videos up LOUD!


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2 Responses to Nightwish

  1. 😮 😮 😮 you got to see Nightwish?! How lucky are you? I had a hard time adjusting to the loss of Tarja and I quit listening to the band in a melodramatic display of protest. I completely missed when Floor joined until a year later. Still not Tarja, but she as really grown on me. I just needed time to let my inner melodrama settle, lol.

    • Ryan says:

      You’re a Nightwish fan too? Yay!

      Seeing them live, especially somewhere as iconic as Wembley, was pretty awesome I must say, they put on a heck of a show! I’m going to see them again at the Download rock festival in June too!

      I got into them with Tarja, and was very lucky to see them live back in 2005 for the “Once” tour, and it was a shame to lose her. I never really rated Annette as a singer, but listening again to the two albums they did with her, there are some pretty epic tracks on there (I recommend checking out “The poet and the pendulum”). Floor is, in my opinion, the best vocalist the band has ever had (heresy, I know, but she has a better range than Tarja), and really brings a new energy to the live shows.

      Hope you get to see them in the US at some point!

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