Eighth High Day recap: Winter Solstice

Home shrine set up for Yule. Image by me

Home shrine set up for Yule. Image by me

For the Winter Solstice, I celebrated a Norse Yule, using the Yule rite from Egelhoff’s Sunna’s Journey: Norse Liturgy through the Wheel of the Year. My home shrine was decorated with holly and mistletoe, traditional evergreen plants used in many Pagan celebrations of the season.

Since I was unable to have a Yule log, I adapted the rite to us three tea-light candles instead, lighting one for each of the Three Kindreds addressed in ADF ritual. The gatekeeper for the rite was the Jotun and goddess of the winter hunt, Skadi, while the main offerings of the rite were to Mani, the moon god. This was particularly auspicious since there was a full moon on the night of the ritual (24 December), which shone brightly in the clear night sky as the ritual was conducted.

As with the Samhain/Winternights rite, the ritual featured a story, this time telling the tale of Odin and the Wild Hunt, a ghostly hunt which ride the winds on the darkest and coldest nights of the year.

Offerings were made with German wheat beer, and the omen was taken using runes. The reading was very positive, with runes indicating gifts, reciprocity, and guidance.

Following this, Yule was celebrated with feasting, presents, drinks, good cheer and a long winter walk (as well as the obligatory Doctor Who Christmas special)!

Rune reading and kindred candles. Image by me

Rune reading and kindred candles. Image by me


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