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Seventh High Day: Samhain/Winternights

The Pagan festival of Samhain corresponds with the Christianised, and nowadays fully secularised, festival of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, and shares many similarities. As Halloween celebrates the eve before All Souls Day, it is a time for remembering the … Continue reading

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Neanderthal genes are everywhere

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
by Matthew Cobb As regular readers will know, some of the most astonishing discoveries in the whole of science that have occurred over the last few years have been with regard to our understanding of recent…

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Finding common ground

In a brilliant two-parter over at Patheos, one of my favourite pagan bloggers, John Beckett, was interviewed by atheist blogger Matthew Facciani, and John interviewed Matthew in turn. Both John and Matthew eloquently describe paganism and atheism respectively and how … Continue reading

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Ways of seeing the Earth

In a fabulous post over at Patheos Pagan, Melissa Hill (an ADF Druid) writes about the “fractal nature of the Earth Mother“, and how we can see and honour her both through the myth and symbolism of ancient and modern … Continue reading

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Viking beer

As a Norse-flavoured pagan and a keen lover of real ale, this seems like the perfect combination. Time for another trip to Norway I think! During the Viking Age, mead was a beverage that celebrated the gods with honey as … Continue reading

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50th post

Apparently I’ve reached the utterly arbitrary but still impressive milestone of 50 posts here on Endless Erring since I “re-booted” the blog a while back. I’ve enjoyed having this as a space to document my ADF Dedicant Path work and … Continue reading

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