I know, a Marvel Thor reference, but hey I like those films!

Anyway, I finally got myself a small silver Mjolnir to wear! Since my interest in the Norse hearth culture has grown to a sense of “yes, this is where I belong”, it seemed appropriate. I also like the cross-cultural Celtic triquetra in the middle, symbolising the three realms of land, sea and sky, to keep the Druid element there.

Mjolnir. Photo by me.

Mjolnir. Photo by me.

I hallowed it with the “Simple Charm of Hallowing” from Our Own Druidry and left it at the feet of my Thor statue on my shrine overnight, and now I plan on wearing it every day as a reminder of my path, and the strength and honour of Thor. I’m not exactly the most butch macho viking warrior type, so I never thought I’d be drawn to the Norse side of things, but it seems to work (as long as you steer VERY clear from the racist/homohobic  Asatru out there…thank the gods for ADF).

Anyway, just wanted to share that little detail!

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