Dedicant Oath: first thoughts

"Oath of Druids" card from Magic: the Gathering

“Oath of Druids” card from Magic: the Gathering

The Dedicant Oath is essentially the formal recognition of the work of the Dedicant Path, and a commitment to the path of Druidry. Michael J. Dangler makes it clear that the oath is, thankfully, “not meant to be a pledge of allegiance to ADF”, but rather a “dedication to Neo-Pagan Druidry as your primary path”. ADF is not the path, but rather a vehicle or a map to help travel it.

I am not particularly keen on making oaths, which is why I still haven’t done the First Oath despite being several months into the DP.

Growing up Catholic, one of the rituals I had to participate in was Confirmation, where you essentially promise to be a Catholic for the rest of your life. That one didn’t exactly last.

If and when I do make an oath, I will have to leave myself a get-out clause, and not swear to follow Druidry for the rest of my days, because I don’t know how my life and path will develop in the future. Perhaps a line about following the path “as far as it leads” or some such wording?

In terms of things I would like to express in an oath, Nature comes top of the list. Commitment to the Earth is the centre and grounding of Paganism for me. I am particularly fond of the Druidic triad of “Nature, truth and knowledge”, which for me sums up an attitude of reverence to, and understanding of, nature based on real knowledge and real facts as revealed by science and reason.

Beyond that, I honestly have no idea what I would say, or how I would say it. Something to have a good think about, and I’m glad that I’m not required to make an oath for a good long while yet!


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