Home Shrine update

It’s been a while since I posted a picture of my home shrine, and it has changed somewhat since I first set it up. For one thing, it’s moved room and is now in the study upstairs, making it set apart from the “everyday” a bit more and also easier for me to see and use first thing in the morning. The (blurry) image below shows the new set-up:

Home Shrine updated. Photo by me on a rubbish phone!

Home Shrine updated. Photo by me on a rubbish phone!

The shrine is still set up with the key symbols of ADF Druidry: the fire, the well and the tree. My current tree is an ash sapling which was growing wild in the garden and I re-potted and moved indoors. I hope to be able to train it as a bonsai if it thrives. The ash is symbolic, as it is often associated with Yggdrasil, the Norse world-tree.

The Three Kindred are also represented, with a skull for the Ancestors, a clay mouse for the Nature-kin and my little Thor statue I picked up in Norway for the Shining Ones. I am feeling more drawn to look at the Norse hearth-culture since that trip, and Thor is a good reminder of this for me. The stone next to the tree is one I picked up from a beach by a fjord in Flam, and I intend to add little stones, shells etc. from other places I visit.

The cloth bag on the front right holds my Ogham set, which I use daily, drawing one stave to give me a “thought for the day” to reflect on.

The shrine has certainly developed and changed as I’ve gone on with the Dedicant Path, in a way that I think reflects my own developments as I explore Paganism and Druidry more fully. There are still some changes and additions I would like, such as a nice incence holder and an offering-bowl, but they will come in time. Much like the Druid path itself, I think a shrine is never “finished”.

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Queer nerdy Pagan librarian, training with Druid College UK.
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