The Two Powers

"Can you tell?" by Tony Alter on Flickr (CC2.0)

“Can you tell?” by Tony Alter on Flickr (CC2.0)

Last week, I was introduced to the “Two Powers” meditation, a key concept in ADF, and a meditative practice to work on. I added the meditation into my daily mental discipline work in the mornings, and found it surprisingly easy to work with.

The “Two Powers” refer to the currents of the Earth and the Sky, which the meditator visualises as flowing through their body and mingling together.  I have some experience of similar energy visualisation from my studies with OBOD, so it was easy to adapt to this form.

The Earth Power is understood as cool, soothing and nourishing; the Sky Power is understood as bright, electric and ordered. Dangler refers to a verse by Ceisiwr Serith in A book of Pagan prayer, which sums up these Powers and their associations well:

World below, watery world, with chaos and order overflowing;
Bring true creation into my life, with order and beauty,
With wisdom and grace.
World above, far-flung heavens, ordering the world with might and law;
Bring true stability into my life, with law and structure,
With clarity and reason.
World about me, far-extending, with land well-set;
Bring true being into my life, with help and love,
With health and prosperity.

The Two Powers do not need to be seen as anything supernatural. They could be seen as the solar and telluric currents, or as simply a psychological exercise in balance and focus.

For me, I find that meditating is more difficult without something to think about, so I found the Two Powers useful in giving me a focal point to direct my thoughts, and I will definitely keep it as part of my daily mental discipline practice.

There is a guided meditation audio available for you if you want to try it out. I found it quite distracting having sound, but it might be useful to some.


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