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Second High Day recap: Spring Equinox

The sky was too cloudy to see the Solar Eclipse, but as the day brightened up later it started to feel like Spring at last, as I celebrated the Equinox with a small Druid ritual. I had written a script … Continue reading

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Second High Day: Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox occurs around 20/21 March and marks the point when day and night are of equal length. The word equinox comes from the Latin for “equal night”. From this day on, the days will be longer than the … Continue reading

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Farewell to a great Wizard

So I heard the news yesterday that Terry Pratchett, author of the witty, satirical and insightful Discworld series, died of Alzheimer’s aged 66 yesterday. His writing was an ever-present companion through my life, and I devoured Discworld books whenever I … Continue reading

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Meditation and mental discipline

Ah, here it is – the challenge I’ve been dreading. The DP requires five months of consistent (at least weekly, preferably daily) meditation or other mental discipline practice. While I have practised a bit of Zen meditation very sporadically before, … Continue reading

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