Home Shrine

My shrine. Also pictured: my Dedicant Path textbooks. Photo by me

My shrine. Also pictured: my Dedicant Path textbooks. Photo by me

Setting up a home shrine is an essential part of the Dedicant Path. It provides a central focus or hearth for your Druid practices and acts as a reminder of the path.

My home shrine is a simple set-up on a low table in the living room. ADF don’t use the common four elements system, which comes via Wicca from ancient Greek philosophy. Instead, ADF Druidry is based around a “triple Hallows” of fire, well and tree, which I have placed at the centre of my shrine.

The fire is three candles in red and white, the well a blue glazed ceramic bowl with a seashell in it, so that the water is symbolically connected to the ocean, and the world-tree is currently just a fallen branch from the old willow tree at the bottom of the garden. I hope to replace this with a hardy indoor bonsai at some point soon, as I feel a living tree is easier to connect with.

As well, my shrine has a singing bowl which I use to start and end any workings, an incense holder, a small pottery mouse to represent the Nature-kin and a wooden Buddha. I know, I know, Buddha isn’t a Druid, but he represents a big influence on my philosophy and practices for years, so he stays! Joanna van der Hoeven has actually written a rather good short book on “Zen Druidry” which explores how to combine the two paths.

Beneath the tabletop, my shrine has two shelves which hold my ADF course books and other important things (like matches).

Ogham set from Green Woman Crafts on Etsy. Photo by me

Ogham set from Green Woman Crafts on Etsy. Photo by me

I also recently acquired a lovely Ogham set, in the correct corresponding woods, from Green Woman Crafts on Etsy. She is based in Glastonbury, a place very dear to my heart, and she works with found and windfall wood only. It’s a beautiful set, and I have been wanting to get into Ogham for a while now. It just feels so much more tangible and “Druidic” than clicking on the Druid Oracle app on my phone (although that certainly has its uses). I plan on drawing one stave at random each morning to give me a “thought for the day”. I want to get to know what the fews mean, and the best way to do that is to work with them!



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