Housekeeping and updates

Boring housekeeping notices below the fold, I wouldn’t bother reading them if I were you, so here’s a gif of a Sengi (elephant shrew) instead:


So 2014 didn’t start out too well for me. Due to a bit of ‘departmental restructuring’ I lost my library job which I really enjoyed. Thankfully, I wasn’t sacked but instead got moved to a new department, doing a press job which isn’t really what I want to do with my life (and not what I spent the last two years getting a librarianship qualification for!), but hey, it’s a job and it’s kind of fun in its own way.

On top of (because of?) this, I also spiralled into a pretty bad bout of depression, which meant that Druid stuff (or really doing anything apart from lying on the sofa) was the last thing on my mind. I’ve written before about depression, so I won’t go into it again, but I seem to have got over this particular session now due to St John’s Wort tablets (herbal remedies FTW, the pharmaceutical antidepressants left me feeling awful), and I thought I might blow the dust off this old blog again.

I’ve deleted a few old posts I wasn’t happy with, and tweaked the ‘about me’ a bit. I’m hoping to be able to start blogging on a semi-regular (weekly?) basis from now on, so bear with me.

Update: When I write about my experiences with depression, please note that they are just my experiences. I am not a psych professional and if you feel you may have depression, then please go talk to your GP. Antidepressants do work for a lot of people, I just didn’t have a very good experience with them myself.

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4 responses to “Housekeeping and updates

  1. I don’t get the hate for antidepressant medication. It’s a trial and error process. I’ve been on them for years and they help.

    Also I’m talking about hate in general, not you particularly.


    • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all antidepressants are evil, just that I didn’t find them helpful for me. I know a lot of people who have had great results with them, and I am certainly not one of *those* people who rant against modern medicine. Like you, I find the anti-science crowd deeply frustrating.

      In my personal experience, St John’s Wort help to take the edge off depression without making me feel fuzzy and out-of-it like the SSRI tablets do. Your mileage may vary, of course, and I’m glad you find them helpful.

  2. Sorry to hear 2014 hasn’t been great for you so far, but I hope things continue to improve! Looking forward to new posts :)

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